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Complete Shows
Pismo Beach, CA - Live at the Pier
This is a fun show. Personal highlight: a particularly rollicking "Song in a Can". Don't miss Tim's special July 4th Safety Tips preceding "Do It On The Strings".
   Recording courtesy of Scott Jones.

Salt Lake City, Utah - Zephyr Club
The first of two fabulous nights at the Zephyr, featuring the premier performances of "Timesick Son of a Grizzly Bear" and "This is Where I Belong" by the Kinks. From Smoke to Superwinner, the boys were on.
   Recording courtesy of David Stilwill.

Salt Lake City, Utah - Zephyr Club
My friends and I road-tripped 8 hours to Salt Lake City for the weekend. We had a blast. This, the second of two shows at The Zephyr Club, is notable for the long-awaited return of "Sunshine Feel", a cover of the Everly Brothers' "I'm On My Way Home Again", and the overall high-energy rock & roll.
   Recording courtesy of Scott Jones.

Hollywood, CA - House of Blues
Hot on the heels of those two shows comes this set from the LA House of Blues. Superwinner. Convoy. Female fan doing backflips on stage. 'Nuff said.

Sad Songs and Waltzes
An exquisitely recorded Tim and Greg acoustic performance captured by David Stilwill at his home in Ketchum, ID. Tracks 9-12 are from various performances David also managed to tape.

Sin City
Daisy & Joaquin
Take Us Out
The Angry Waters
Sing Me Back Home
Sarah Bellum
Thank You Tierra Dievers
California Way
The Losing End w/Dana Jensen
The Only Solution
Well Runs Dry
Sad Songs & Waltzes

   Recordings courtesy of David Stilwill.



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